Thursday, 27 May 2010

24 Hours Solo

Guest blogger Amy decided that her first ever 24 hour solo race should be the national championships. Well there's nothing like aiming high to make you achieve more than you ever thought you could....

It was my first attempt at a 24hour race and I chose the inaugural national championships, to say I was nervous was an understatement. My bike had been checked over in the shop and Shaun and Chris shared their horror stories from previous races. I still had a last minute rush to get things sorted but we arrived at Newcastleton with plenty of daylight to set up our tent and I tried to get some sleep. Morning came quickly and I got the bike ready and my box of stuff for my pit crew and wandered over to briefing, there were a lot of very fit looking people there. I wondered if it was too late to change my mind. But no I had to get down to the Town for the official sign-on and then a neutral start; it was almost like being a pro!

Up the hill and round the first lap, the sun was out and I was chatting. Second lap and things were fine, third lap and the wheels came off, how could it happen so early? I dragged myself out for a fourth but I'd had enough, I announced I was retiring and on finding out a lot of the elite men had as well I felt justified, it was just too hot. I had forgotten all about my instructions to Ali and although she let me stop, once it cooled down she sent me out again, I really didn't want to. But I started working out how many laps I could do, I came up with a figure of 10 - double figures sounded good! So I had to keep going. Through the night was actually quite enjoyable although I could tell I was getting tired the previous flowing singletrack now seemed like a bunch of sharp corners I could barely get round.

The dawn lap was stunning and I was thinking of eleven laps, maybe even twelve. Coming in for the last longish stop after a faster lap I realised that thirteen might just be a possibility if I pushed. So change of clothes and out I went. Back with 1hr 50mins left for the last lap, should be fine, but I was slowing again with the heat. In the end I finished with at least 15minutes to spare. I was now a 24hour soloist.

I finished 34th overall, 5th Open Female, 6th Singlespeeder and 1st Female Singlespeeder. Oh and yes I want to do another one!


Red Bike said...

Well done Trio.

Only you could sit there analysing the results + have a white board.

As i more or less gave up at dawn I daren't look where I came.

VeloCake said...

well done you and your vimto