Wednesday, 26 May 2010

a mixed bag

Fi writes:

I was sick last week. In bed proper-ill with hallucinations and sweats. But soon kicked that before the weekend and went swimming in the local lake to 'see how I felt'. Bit dizzy but the cool water and banter with the other seals was amazing. Pootling there on my shopper, wetsuit folded into my pannier, I thought 'I love this city'. The lake is amazingly serene, surrounded by grass. It is clean and peaceful and dedicated for swimmers. Perfect Sunday morning.

Then the trails were crying out to be ridden. So I thought I'd test my wellness with a short 2 and a half hour ride with The Boy. Just One More Trail. Everything dusty and perfect. Then bbq and wine-drunkenness.

This week has been a mixed bag of marking in the garden with the dog sitting on my feet (yay), coughing and tight chestedness after-glow of The Bug (boo), two great swim sessions (yay), blisters from kayaking on the ergo in the garden (to the amusement of the neighbours) (boo), an awesome 20mile tt with one of the Roadie Chicks (yay) and Not Enough Running (boo).

Summer Is Glorious.

PS. Anyone coming to Bristol Bikefest?

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