Wednesday, 19 May 2010



the worst crashes are the stupid ones.

standing still, bike feels odd, maybe i have a flat, look down at rear tyre, lose balance, no time to get clipped out, plenty of time to stick arm out, tears, swearing, horrid sicky feeling.

going fast, middle moor, why am i trying to follow matt's line, why hasn't mike come by yet, this is fun but possibly too fast, slow for the bridge, where's the front wheel going, bite lip, swearing, horrid sicky feeling.

bruises on bruises. i think i might take up knitting.



SJ said...

I'd have to agree though, silly crashes are definitely the worst! I tore the ligaments in my ankle on a fireroad 'after' a black DH run. Pathetic!
Feel better soon!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

I sympathise with you and laugh at the time!

get well soon. watch out for knitting though those needles are dangerous. maybe tiddly winks is safer?

Minx said...

Was it that skinny bridge that makes my hands sweat just looking at pics of others riding it?

Jo said...

...showing newly mountainbiking husband how to 'do' stuff, pull up at end, grin, forget clipped in....

sympathies :)

roamingcrumpet said...

an errant tiddly wink will take your eye out as soon as look at you :-)

i never got as far as the bridge!

MikeD said...

I'd tried some very interesting lines to get past, none of them quite did the trick ;-)