Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Three peaks

Isn't it funny how sometimes the things you're most worried about end up being the most fun? 3 Peaks Cyclocross this weekend, and boy had I worked myself up into a complete frenzy of nervous terror beforehand... All went terribly well, though - the climbing wasn't as bad as I'd expected (thanks to pipe lagging and Newtimber steps), the descending rocked, big time (thanks to the wonders of unintentional speed and gyroscopic forces), and the road bits, well, they were tedious, but Yorkshire views and a little bit of eye-bleeding effort more than made up for that. End result: a totally unexpected third place (hence grubby kit in podium pictures - whoops!), a sub 4hr30 time when I'd been hopeful of 5hr, and a great big tired smile all the way home. The only downside? I'll have to wait another whole year before doing it again, because there's nothing quite like it at all. Roll on 2007!


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