Saturday, 2 February 2013

What's up Doc?

A year and a half after my big crash, I finally had to have 2 damaged teeth removed...right before my first race back at Innerleithen since the crash.

Surely that's some weird carma or other?

Anyway, teeth were removed yesterday afternoon and I now have a deeply unattractive and uncomfortable temporary set of falsers to tide me over for the week and a half until my proper replacement teeth (well, bridges) are ready to be fitted.

So on the drive down to Innerleithen this morning to do some practice on the course, I had the difficult decision to make about whether I wear my uncomfortable falsers whilst I'm riding or go gappy.

After much deliberation and advice from friends, I decided to go with the gappy Bugs Bunny look....

Not the most attractive, I know, but the falsers were a choke hazard and very distracting.

My 2 Bugs Bunny front teeth felt very exposed today, so I think it'll have to be the full face helmet tomorrow just to make sure I don't knock out those two.