Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Cycling after children

I used to be a super keen sportive cyclist - over 150 miles a week, sportives most weekends in the summer, the odd European sportive and lots and lots of laps of Richmond laps.

And then I had my children and it's all, somewhat predictably, changed. Some evening turbo sessions (not many, dodgy knees), some daytime rides (not many, childcare limitations) BUT at last I can see my cycling future emerging from the fog of the early years. Lots of physio exercises and my post natal pelvis is gradually stabilising. My littlest is getting better at sleeping and so evening turbo sessions are a little more doable.

My eldest is now nearly four and has been riding without stabilisers since January. She has demanded proper cycle kit, like Daddy. Several hours scouring the net later I found her a jersey and shorts in size 4-6 (smallest available size) and she is delighted. Today we went for a ride together. Not far in the grand scheme of things, but 2 miles each way to the library is a long way for a little person. We laughed and chatted and had a brilliant time.

Now I just need to get the littlest to love bikes too.  A balance bike awaits her. No pressure, love.