Wednesday, 31 December 2014

That'll be another year then

And where on earth did this one go?

Again I find myself asking what I've done with this year (aside from the obvious of breaking myself again) and actually there's been quite a lot, but there's also been a lot I've not done.

I was lucky enough to get some new "silverware" at the Whyte Scottish Enduro Champs (more by default of being one of only a very few slightly older ladies who should have known better). I also got some new titanium-ware which was probably well deserved for my foolishness, but not very welcome…

So what about next year?

Well, no, I don't have any New Year's resolutions - I always break them and end up feeling disappointed with myself. So, just some things I want to do next year:

  1. Don't break myself. After ending up in hospital each of the last 4 years following bike crashes, I think my body needs a bit of respite!
  2. Ride the West Highland Way again. I meant to do it this year, but it just didn't happen so I'm officially saying I want to ride it next year.
  3. Go on another bikeventure like my El Camino ride this year. I'm investigating the Transandalus at the moment, so any advice or tips on logistics would be most welcome.
  4. Maybe even enter a trail running event like the Deerstalker or the No Fuss Runduro
  5. I think the biggest thing I want to do next year is spend more time with friends and make the most of every minute with them, whether that's riding, running or just drinking cups of tea and eating cake. This year's given some of us a bit of a rude awakening and a kick up the backside that we really can't put off arranging that catch up.

Before I get all gushy and emotional, maybe my New Year's resolution really should be to just get on and do stuff, stop making excuses and to make the most of every single fun moment of doing it.

So next year, I'm going to do more stuff and have more fun (and not break myself!), but first of all a wee glass of fizz and some fireworks.

Happy New Year to all the Minxes out there!