Tuesday, 10 September 2013

First Col...

Since having our baby in October last year, cycling has been in short supply. Lack of sleep resulting in no enthusiasm for turbo training in the evenings and a lack of babysitters for actual riding at weekends. But then hubby and I booked a trip to the Alps for our honeymoon. Rats. I thought, I'd better get my arse in gear.

However, two outdoor rides and five turbo sessions was all the preparation I managed, (excuses included tiredness, zapped verucca feet, being away at people's houses, no babysitting, too hot etc etc) so I approached Col des Aravis with a certain amount of trepidation. But baby had slept well, was at the crèche, the sun was shining, so I was definitely all out of excuses.

I surprised myself. Admittedly it took an hour so no speed records were broken, but I made it up there, with no stops and no misery. My legs aren't best pleased, but I'll be tackling another col tomorrow. There truly is nothing like beautiful mountains to inspire and energise. Bring it on!