Monday, 25 June 2007


My first 24 hour race couldn't have been more special. I cruised the first 14 hours and felt lovely- the course was still rideable and swoopy and fun. Then it rained and some the course became an off-camber slippery bog and I got tired and leant more and more heavily on my support team (the Extreme-Endurance team). They were amazing. Indescribably amazing. And seeing Minx's face smiling worriedly at me through the rain was wonderful.

But the most special moment for me was sobbing my way through the first mile of the last lap and then meeting Jenn and Kate Potter in the woods (they were having a chat with the DJs at the 24hr party tent) and having these two incredible riders chaperone me around most of that last lap. It was great and looking back at the photos of the podium I still can't believe I was even part of a race with such a galaxy of mtb stars!

The atmosphere at Mayhem has to be experienced to be believed. It rubbed off on us all - even my bike-phobic boyfriend who stayed awake all night feeding me soggy cake and wiping the mud out of my eyes.

Thanks everyone and well done Jenn for a well earnt 3rd.



Anonymous said...

well done girls saw you come up past the timing tent and up at the corner on your run in on the last lap, what an achievement! gayle h

Anonymous said...

Well done Fi, an excellent result, you should feel proud. Only problem is I now feel nervous asking you to go for a training ride !!!!!
Cheers, Jim

kim said...

WELL DONE GIRLS!!!! Saw you on and off throughout the 24hrs as you came past our tents. You are an inspiration to all female MTB's.

Anonymous said...

good show! i was particularly impressed how chipper you both seemed at 2am :o) i feel quite humbled by my own measely attempts! nice one.

Anonymous said...

Well done! It's a shame you've missed out the 5th ranking girl on the podium picture though. I believe it was the girls first ever 24hr race and she made it top 5! Incredible. You guys were lapping faster times than me and I was on a team of 5! Had great fun cheering you all on though. See you next year!