Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Morning, 'noon and night.

I love Tuesdays. I get to ride morning, 'noon and night if I want to and today I did. Well, sort of. I rode with Amy this morning, 19 miles of trail, rode up a section I normally only ever ride down, was utter madness, some bits of trail are clearly unidirectional! And did two descents I've never done before, came off my bike on the trail that comes down off the front of Rivington Pike, but as Amy pointed out I had managed to time my crash perfectly and was on the only squishy bit of the hill so no damage done. I actually spent the afternoon eating choccie biscuits and snoozing and then rode again tonight. Only my third off-road night ride, only 10 miles, rain and no functioning back brake (Lancashire mud eats brake pads) made me feel the need to head for home earlier than I might have done. Was good fun though and husband of mine and Flipper the dog came out to take pictures of me riding the last bit towards home and a much needed bath.  


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