Monday, 14 April 2008

honc if you're hungry

Yesterday was our annual Cotswolds excursion for HoNC. Since I started doing this event the number of 'cross bikes present has dwindled to a handful and is swamped by mountain bikes of all sorts. Which is odd, really, because why would you take a 6" travel bike on a 100km ride which has an absolute minimum of technical trails, a fair amount of tarmac and not one mountain? Hmm.

We'll stick with the (pictured, dishing out sweeties) niche, I think. There's always a fair amount of satisfaction in picking off mtb'ers one by one on the descents. And the climbs. And the long flat drags into the wind, heckling as we go. Yup, cross bikes rule. And it's got to be a unique event where you see a Daimler pull into the car park with a Whyte Preston on the back...

As for the legs - happy. Climbing well, easy spinning along the tops, descending not too mince-ily and the hollow bell of an empty tummy only made itself present at the top of the very last descent from Cleeve. Rah.

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