Saturday, 6 September 2008

curb your enthusiasm

can't. stop. riding...!

currently reacquainting myself with the joys of the road bike (resplendent with new flowery bar tape and hoods, thanks jo). i like the big ring, i like 12% hill reps, i like squeezing ninety minute sprints in between the showers, i like the fact that i only have about thirty seconds of flat-out in me before my endurance tuned legs give up and die in a stinging heap of noodle wobbles, i like going fast for a change and i like that there is something to work on again.

rain? yes. pissing down. nothing quite like head down in the drops sprinting downhill through a river to elicit giggles.

bikes are ace.



Fi said...

We were cut from the same cloth.


Tom said...

Girlies, you're not posting anywhere near regularly enough. I appreciate you have Life away from this Blog, but your legions of fans are missing you :)

I'd have at least expected some kind of "D2D prep" posting. And Fi it would have been nice to read your TransWales thoughts:)

Anyway, I'll be at Thetford on Saturday (no. open male solos). So please do say 'hi' as you lap me as usual :)


Tom said...

No. 4 even.