Wednesday, 22 October 2008

ordinary world

I don't think blogger publishes its posts with time stamps so, to clarify, it's 02.06 on, er, Wednesday, and I am w i d e awake thanks to inadvertently discovering that chocolate brownies are a palatable caffeine vehicle when late night work is called for. And I've just done a fair bunch of work thanks to that. Oops.

Rummaging around now whilst waiting for the washing machine to finish and the sun to come up. Could be here a while.

Spent overdue and lovely time with old friends today. Sarah, Dan and Hope are not bike people (I'm working on Hope, at six months old she shows potential but is not quite big enough for a Rothan yet) but still wanted to hear all about America adventures. They totally get the cake thing, they get adventures too because they've had plenty of their own and have plans for more, they just don't get the bike bit - but that doesn't diminish it an ounce for them.

It's good to be reminded that what we play at can be relevant in the real world, too. It's easy to become too introspective pedalling around on your own all the time, when it feels like all you ever get to do is listen to bike people talking about bikes in an insular little world, and often not even riding them, just talking a good ride...

Sometimes it's good to talk about socks and crawling and shepherds pie and forget about wheels. Here's to a few more ordinary days.



Tom said...

You've got that right.

After TransWales all I wanted to talk about was biking and dispite needing to rest, all I wanted to do was cycle.

My none-biking mates thing I'm mad. But my life is richer because of them.

adjustablecrumpet said...

If anything my non-biking mates are closer and dearer than my biking mates, because they put up with an awful lot more without understanding any of it... ;o)