Wednesday, 5 November 2008

good times

Anyone else permit themselves a small smile of excitement after listening to the news this morning? :o)

Last night under this roof before packing life up again and heading east for a couple of weeks. Great day today riding bikes in the woods, a touch of sunshine and a few new friends, a spot of mizzle, buffed trails, a few too many uphill "one more times", larches spilling golden needles all over the buffed trails. Topped off with a fine cuppa and and stalking the chiller aisles in search of pies to fuel the companionably silent drive home. Now rehydrating with Brakspear Triple. Okay, the off season is over...

Life is good.



Pierre said...

I tried to be hopeful but swiftly thought "yes but what difference will it _really_ make when he's still basically at the head of the greediest most self-obsessed nation on the planet?"

On a less morose note, your post made me smile! - but where on earth did you find "buffed trails"?

: P

adjustablecrumpet said...

er, afan.

yes i know i'm going to hell but it was work ;o)