Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Cake or Kielder


I'm not going to race this weekend. Cycling is a hobby - an integral, enjoyable, beautiful part of 'me' but still a hobby. Nothing more. I don't owe it anything and it doesn't owe me anything. We have a mutually agreeable relationship.

At at the moment we aren't speaking.

So I'm going to spend the weekend with my other friends. Running and climbing. Cycling will get over it.

Does anyone want my Kielder number?



Red Bike said...

I'm with you. Cake all the way.

Hobbies are there to be enjoyed and should never turn into a chore.

Just a thought but perhaps you could take the cake to Kielder?
I'm sure you'd be very popular!

vistaed said...

Good call! But now you are faced with the ultimate decision… what cake to make?

trio said...

Sent you an email.

Red Bike said...

Only Trio could talk some-one else into doing this!

Betty Mountain Girl said...

hehe! cycling forgives you already I'm sure. You know, I've been noticing myself enjoying mountain biking more the past week or two since I don't have any pending big races coming up. I'm not trying to make a certain distance or constantly feeling like I should be going harder. I've been stopping when I feel like it and everything. Amazing.

Unknown said...

Understand entirely why you won't be there... but will miss you!

trio said...

Hi Fi, I've tried emailing you. Not sure if you got it? Can you email me on
amy collette [at] hotmail [dot] com
obviously no spaces.