Friday, 27 November 2009

carrot and stick

The week begins on Friday. I am knackered. After four days of being away with work I want to ride quite badly. It's raining. Or it could be sleeting. Whatever: it's definitely freezing. Actually, perhaps I don't want to ride so badly. But I should.


Bring forth the carrot:
(Tempting as it is to dive beneath a duvet of pastry and hop-fuzzed warmth 'til spring, that's not going to help. This challenging a tea requires equally arduous miles to earn it. I know this to be fact.)

...and the stick:
(Yes, the weather has been spectacularly bad of late but also it's been just plain spectacular. Something like this is waiting every time I leave the house. Awesome.)

Place carrot on table, keep stick in mind. Endure origamiesque layering protocol. Unhook road bike. Head for the hills. Climb. Climb more. Descend. Climb again. Sunset over Bacup looks f***ing lovely (excuse the language, if you've been there you'll understand why Bacup deserves nothing better and if you haven't - don't be tempted). Return at dusk. Lights on, walking on stumps, fumbling for keys with uselessly numb hands. Unlayer, rewarm, shower whilst oven heats house and pie heats soul.

Job done.


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