Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Cheeky nightride

So yesterday lunchtime I ran home early (literally) to greet the plumber (who never showed), and then snurled up (a combination of snarling and curling) in front of the fire to read some dusty Marketing tome for the rest of the afternoon in preparation for next week's lecturing. Next thing I know, some purple cows ran past me and the sun was shouting encouragement. And my mother was riding a bike which as shiney and new and she was popping the raddist manuals I've ever seen!

At which point I woke up, realised I was getting nowhere and checked my phone or sign that the outside world still existed. "Oooh, a text"... ANY1 4 CHEEKY NITERIDE? 6 @ USUAL PLACE.

Oh yes. You understand, I had to check the new bike was running smoothly in preparation for my weekend race. And I was asleep so its not like I was achieving anything. Right?

Kit on, lights clicked in, swung out the garage door to weave through the traffic and hit the dry(ish) trails with the TNC (Tuesday Night Club). Pleasure reconvened.

I did finish reading my chapter later that night, but was in bed by 9!


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