Sunday, 3 January 2010


My second training ride. 5hrs in sub zero temps.

I wore (from the bottom up)
- thick(ish) merino socks
- shoes
- fleece lined overshoes
- shorts
- fleece lined bib longs with foot loops (but a hole in the knee)
- skin tight long sleeve base layer
- thick merino base layer with thumb holes and zip up the neck
- thick windstopper long sleeve jersey
- gillet
- windstopper gloves
- goretex over-mittens
- buff round the neck
- fleece lined windstopper skull cap
- helmet
- sunglasses

So, what do you reckon? Was I cold, warm or a sweaty mess as I plodded around Monmouthshire and Western Bristol? Answers on a postcard.



trio said...

I need to ride, even if I have to wrap up like a mummy and ride on main roads I will get out tomorrow!

How did you cope with braking with mittens? I was wondering about trying my snowboard mitts!

Fi Fi said...

I used fingered gloves inside a thin goretex mit, so you can feel everything really. Braking and gear changing fine (though the latter won't be a prob for you!) The outer layer is a wind stop and I didn't get cold fingers once today!

trio said...

No gears is fine. I was wondering about braking as I am used to one-fingered braking. Guessing this was whole hand braking ;-)

I was snowboarding today, have hardly been near a bike recently!

Fi Fi said...

It was a road bike so whole hand braking is fine.

trio said...

My road bike has gears....see I am not crazy all the time.

Not been on a road bike for a while, think it'll be the cross bike for a while as just a little grippier.

Small Adventures said...

My bet is you were cold-at least towards the end of the ride,LOL!

It's been a steady 2-17 degrees F here since before the new year,and I own little in the way of gear for those temps :( I REALLY need to get the year's first ride in...

Fi Fi said...

I was warm apart from my feet. Thought I was going to boil but it was agreat combination. Give me an M, Give me an E... You get the picture. Merino rocks.