Thursday, 15 July 2010

Minxes up mountains

OK, so no bike in sight, but I had a fantastic run round The Black Mountains on Sunday so thought I'd share. This is me reading a map. I should have known it would be 'up'. Always is!

And I've just had some fantastic news that I wanted to share because I need advice - I've been accepted into the 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross race. Any survivors out there who have some top tips?

Off to North Wales tomorrow for a week of studying and yomping up mountains on wheels or foot. If the weather clears we'll be climbing tomorrow evening. Can't wait!



trio said...

Find a vertical slope, climb up it carrying a bike on your back, repeat!

Dave Haygarth said...

Nice one Fi - plenty of tips at if you need them - or use the official 3 peaks forums.

jac said...

3 might not like it when you're doing it (especially if the weather's grim), but you'll be glad you've done it when you've finished. It really is a must!

Just remember to start climbing stairs at every opportunity!