Tuesday, 31 August 2010

12:12 and a break for 6

Sorry its been a while since my last blog... the last 6 months have seemed like they have been happening to someone else.
For one thing I actually heard myself utter the words..

"its more important than riding"

and that made me feel slightly sick as so far in my life nothing as made me feel quite like I do when I ride my bike (I know... not even that :-)

Being made redundant in September last year I was looking forward to being able to ride more... but it didnt quite work out that way!.. funny how life does that eh.

Moments to myself as the tarmac slips away under me, thinking about which way my life is pulling and where is it I am meant to be.

Messages sent to me at just in the nick of time. Hearing a very dear friend of over 20 years has been paralysed in an accident the day before I was supposed to be throwing myself willfully off the top of Pic Blanc maybe just saved me for something yet to come.

Last weekend I had THE most relaxed fun ride at the "12:12 TORQ in your sleep" sadly my last race for 6 months, 2nd place with great company on my local trails and a huge grin on my face.

I will miss you all but there is somewhere else I need to be for a while.

See you all in March. I am going to Haiti to work for a medical relief agency for 6 months. If anyone is around over Christmas and fancies coming riding to laugh at how stupidly unfit I have become I will be looking forward to it........

enjoy the winter


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

god damn that's a hot leg ;p

Like the way it captures you leaving the frame, very apt!

I'll miss our rides where we raced, rides where we pootled and chatted and rides where we fannyed around like sp****s