Wednesday, 11 August 2010





busy busy busy of late. no bad thing, but the last thing on my mind as i drag myself out of bed in the morning and through a day's work is getting on a bike at the end of it.

still, though, i find myself thrown into the company of a particular band of folks, and loving it. all good riders, all enthusiastic and encouraging, and all thoroughly possessed of the stoke.

stoke /stoʊk/
1. to poke, stir up, and feed (a fire).
2. to tend the fire of (a furnace, esp. one used with a boiler to generate steam for an engine); supply with fuel.

spend enough time in the presence of the right sort of stoke and it has a habit of rubbing off on you.

so yes, the weather has been shit. yes, it has greyed, rained. poured. and yes, apart from a brief cold-stops-play hiatus, i've been riding trails every single day and loved every minute of it. even the bits where my legs are filled with acid and concrete and my vision has blurred with sweat or tears and i simply cannot get in enough food to stop the spots dancing because i really, really should be at home having a rest.

i love the trails that i have come home to. i love that in the brief time i was away i learnt new methods of approach and have a new belief in what i can do. what i want to do.

i love that the thought of riding my bike tomorrow makes me smile.



Leslie said...

I get it Sista'.

simondbarnes said...

After reading that I'm going to drag myself out of bed and ride to work :) Hopefully I'll be able to find some lights, it'll be dark before I get home.

grant said...

Thanks.....I needed to hear someone say it.

Riding is ace, it's easy to lose sight of this.

Anonymous said...

Ever thought of being a motivational speaker?... ;o)


jac said...

I've just looked again...those are mighty big forks!