Thursday, 6 January 2011


braver friends are busy doing 30 in 30.

stuff that, 3 in 3 will do me for now.


one: bimble up the valley and back to spectate at the excellent todcross. watching strong riders struggling to haul themselves up the chimay cobbles of doom confirmed i'd made the right decision to watch and not take part. no love for racing this time around.


two: round delamere with friends. fresh trails and fresh air, a happy amount of trees, flowing singletrack, a bit of sunshine. smiles, giggles and lots and lots (and lots) of cake. delicious.

three: road ride, the longer usual loop that has been beyond reach for a while. along, down, drag, up, down, up, along. all safely in the bubble of light and faith that i know and love.

good beginnings.


1 comment:

trio said...

Maybe I should try a 30cakes in 30days challenge?