Monday, 28 March 2011

tick tock tick tock

the clocks have gone forward and it's all downhill from here. don't waste it are the words of the week.

there's enough light in the evenings to ride after work and enough warmth to do it in short sleeves. the knees are out and already a state but the trails are as buff as they ever get; every day from now 'til october will end with a race to the top of the hill. chasing the sun, chasing the dust, chasing the summer.




Unknown said...

light yes!

Short sleeves - i'll leave them for the brave/foolhardy

jac said...

Hmm. Sun's certainly shining, but it's still very much long sleeves and warmest 3/4's in this neck of the woods.

Not long though...

Robert said...

Thats a reet nice photo, Good angle on the bike.