Monday, 16 May 2011

saturdays are for riding

Just a quick reminder that this coming Saturday (21st May), we're hosting a ride from Hebden Bridge.

If we end up with a very large group of ladies then we'll possibly split into an easy and harder ride but nobody will be left behind. We have all sorts of trails here - not all straight up - and the only requirements are a working mountain bike, helmet/gloves, a spare tube and food/drink to keep yourself going. And yes, there will be cake.

Coffee Cali, Hebden Bridge. 10.30am to ride at 11am.

(Blazing Saddles are just around the corner if you need to shop but as there are likely to be a fair few of us, a larger meeting point was needed - the fact that it's a coffee shop is purely coincidental, ahem...)

Fingers crossed for less of this...

And plenty of this...!


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