Monday, 12 September 2016

Out on the road again

Hurrah for term time! I finally had a child free morning... but first I had a few obstacles to overcome

1) exhaustion. Thanks baby for waking us up 4 times last night. Fortunately : coffee. Parental cliché no1.

2) tantrums. Once baby despatched to nursery, 3 yr old was NOT impressed that after cycling to preschool I was going cycling without her and VERY VERY CROSS that I have cycling shoes and she does not. I had to tell her the story about Jens Voigt and his riding on a kid's bike with toe clips to finish a race to make her understand that it's not the gear that makes a rider,

3) finding bike stuff. It's amazing the amount of STUFF you use for a long ride. Pump, HR monitor, garmin, gilet etc, and if you don't get out much (like me), it's rarely all together. Garmin has given up the ghost so I had to just guess where I was going. And, literally, wipe the dust off my poor neglected best bike.

But off I went and it was the best Monday morning a girl could wish for. 90 mins of huffing and puffing through the lanes. My knees hurt throughout, sadly, but physio says that doesn't matter and I should man up. [I am inclined to think he's wrong, but never mind]. Now I need to order a spare belt for my rollers and see if I can remember how to do it....

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