Tuesday 4 July 2017

Au Revoir

This blog started back in the day before anyone knew about content marketing (but hey, you're welcome everyone that learned from us....)

This was dreamt up as a place where a random collection of female riders wrote about what they did so that anyone wanted to get into the sport could see that it really was as easy as just riding your bike. Now we are in a place where a brand has only to post a pic of a pink t-shirt and it attracts loud criticism for being 'plainly sexist'. Well here's a thing. I like pink. And if that's all you have to complain about, we've come a long way baby.

Jenn and I were catching up on the very topic of women's bike clothing and remembering that, way back when we wore anything we could get our hands on because just riding the bike was the thing. I liked those days better.

I liked them better mainly because Jenn was still here. For anyone that doesn't know, Jenn died in 2015. Lung cancer was so ridiculously placed in one so fit. I miss her every day and for almost two years I haven't been able to visit this blog. Now it will be closed to further posts but left for anyone to find. A collection of cycling stories from some of the most inspirational women I know but most importantly a memorial to Jenn- the most inspirational of them all. Read the account of her storming 2008 GDR ride. And then go and plan something great.



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