Friday, 2 March 2007

Top night out

I had a brilliant night out with the lads last night. The venue was great – brilliant lighting, great atmosphere, good conversation and cheap drinks. We danced – of sorts – and ended up sweaty and tired a few hours later and really really hungry (although resisted a kebab on the way home). Conversation was flowing, although a little difficult to hear at times. Trouble was the lads spent all night taking the micky out of my outfit and for the state of my hair and makeup.
Yeah, it was great. Quantock night ride, dancing down the muddy singletrack, slurping High 5, chatting above the noise of the wind, starry sky and perfect full moon. Returning to the carpark with mud-spattered grins and rumbling bellies, our muddy tyres crunching through newly frosted puddles.
Perfect night out.


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