Thursday, 1 March 2007


Yeeehaa. Back with the fast again after months of long, slow miles. This year is all about racing, racing, racing - requiring me to be utterly selfish with my time (nothing being quite so painful as getting up on a Monday morning to work when every bone in your body and every cell in your head wants the comfort of a duvet); it means I miss out on the occasional fun thing in the rush to get the demands of all three jobs out of the way before the weekend comes; but it's oh-so-worth-it. I realised a while ago that there is a very specific point in every racing day which is the reason why, though it's not the why I thought it was. In the darker corner of winter, mulling over whether my plans were idle musings or made with true intent, I pinned it down to the moments before the go, when we're all standing there on the line and the easy chat between friends who meet in fields has ceased and given way to tension between rivals, when the efforts to come cease to be vague lurking shadows and snap into sharp focus, when the adrenaline can't be diverted into nervous twitching and the tying and re-tying of shoe laces any longer... Then comes the purest rush of energy that is incomparable to pretty much everything I've ever done.

And after weathering that emotional rollercoaster, well, riding flat out in circles for a couple of hours is just a /breeze/...


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