Saturday, 26 April 2008

Duathlon training, now with added aliens!

I'm racing a duathlon on May 24th, it's 5km run, 22km bike, 5km run. My plan for today was to do run, bike, run to cover those distances, not necessarily at race pace, but just to make sure I can get round on the day. Due to husband having to work, my much needed trip to the hairdresser and a 3000 word essay that doesn't seem to be writing itself my plans went completely off track. By 5pm I realised I was never going to do my mock duathlon and I managed instead a strange triathlon of a 7km run followed by 0km on the couch to watch Doctor Who battle some aliens and then 15km on the bike. Possibly not the most comprehensive training plan ever, but it was fun!



trio said...

You are ahead of me, I've hardly done any run training and no bike then run training.

Tina Mammoser said...

Ah, but you can't miss Doctor Who! Well, you can, but then you have to wait for it to download to watch it tonight like I do. :) Besides you need to be educated about what kinds of obstacles you might run into on your duathlon, Sontarans included.