Tuesday, 24 June 2008

GDR Day Four

Just listened to two calls from Jenn. The first from Helena (the podcast dated 23 June, morning edition) when she said she'd had a 'good ride today' (that would have been Sunday) and had managed to get a shower, which was pure bliss. By Monday at 3.00pm she'd reached Butte but the going must have been tougher because she described Elk Head Pass as 'unbelievably horrible'. All said in that Jenn voice that leaves you with the feeling it was fun anyway.

I've been listening to all the calls (it's sooooo addictive) and hearing the few riders ahead of Jenn describing things as being difficult in very fatigued voices, and starting to worry. Then up she pops making it all sound as though she's on a trip with a group of Girl Scouts. Carl Hutchings (another rider) described her as 'that insanely strong English girl...'

I'm going to be a puddle of emotion by the time this is done, read it and laugh Jenn - my life is one long sniffle at the moment. Now have a big hug and go and ride your bike some more.


STOP PRESS..... Jenn called in from Wise River last night complaining that her English bug spray doesn't work. The podcast isn't up (11.00am) so no more detail yet. She's still making good time despite what everyone is calling difficult conditions this year.


Anonymous said...

''Insanely strong English girl'' - Hee hee, way to go Jenn ;o)



Tom said...

I've also become addicted to following the progress. Followed previous year's GDRs too.

Keep pushing Jenn. Only realised yesterday that you're singlespeeding it. Nutter :)

I promise to never ever moan again when I'm on "longer" rides or on 'hills'.

Inspirational stuff. Keep it going.


Steve J Makin said...

Lump in throat with pride here up north, makes my 2 hours this evening pale into oblivion :-)

G as in Chris said...

I wish I could get her some Bert's Bees bug spray. That stuff is great.