Sunday, 22 June 2008

Podcast from Jenn

Jenn called in from Whitefish and sounds really really happy. Listen to the podcast here:

If you want to skip straight to Jenn she's at 13.50 minutes/seconds into the recordings.



Anonymous said...

Hello (big wave)

sounds toatally 'awesome' out there Jenn! thanks for jellybabies, thay helped me to 6th, I did my first lap on my s/s to see what you go through, MAN YOU'RE STRONG! I could now way do *that* for 24hrs...stilll that's what makes you you :o) you were would have loved it and hated it, I know I did...see you soon girlie, count how many ginger things you see if you get bored out on them there miles ;)



Anonymous said...

hello jenn

just a note to say i'm loving hearing about your trip, thinking about you lots and lots. did you find a good bear bell?

your a true inspiration. my heart and new legs go out to you.

ps: say hi to carl for me, he looks after our tour of britain kit at our lock in cranleigh, small world eh!