Saturday, 14 June 2008

here she is... banff, last night before hitting the wilds. not so worried about bears now, i saw a wolf yesterday, which brought home how big this place is. snowy peaks all around and not a lot in between them and the sky. met lots of nice people, mostly in bike shops (The Bike Store Clagray and Mountain Magic Bannf particularly) to remind me that my people are bike people. if i leave for the border tomorrow (which i am - seeing off the Tour Divide group this morning has made the wheels itch, though i'm still going to take my time over it as this is truly (almost) the most stunning place i've ever been) then the wind that was in my face all the long way from calgary will be behind me. not going to make the hills any easier but the fantastic send-off you've all given me will help things along.

thinking of you all.



Anonymous said...

Kick some ass, Jen,

Anonymous said...

Have fun Jenn...big

Anonymous said...

Hangonaminute - did you already ride from Calgary to Banff? That's 90 miles before you've even started the, er, 300 miles before the start :-)

Oh, and OWN IT ;-)

martin_h said...

Some evidence here

Tom said...

All best Jenn. Bikers all over the UK (some you know, so you don't) will be crossing their fingers for you.

Much respect and enjoy it. Go show them what bikers from a 'little island' can do.