Tuesday, 10 June 2008

There She Goes

Jenn jumped on a plane to Calgary, Canada today to start the Great Divide Race Minx said her goodbyes on Friday in person and via mobile phone (with sniffle interference) to the airport Costa coffee today. Jo sent these words back after waving her off.

"One bike bag and one Camelbak for 2,500 miles and about three weeks of riding, less kit than most people take for a weekend of trail centre action. Everything parred down to a minimum, the jeans and shoes she's traveling in are going to a charity shop as soon as she starts pedaling, she won't be needing them on the trail.

Lots of tears and nervous laughter over pre-flight coffees, she's frightened, excited and determined, and she certainly takes everyones good wishes and love with her.

Godspeed Jenn. Godspeed."


jumbly said...

Massive respect to Jenn for tackling this, I for one will be following the race progress. Go Jenn!

Anonymous said...

Go Jenn.

Unknown said...

What an awesome endeavour this is!
May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be at your back...... don't get lost or killed!!!

Way to go Jenn!!

Anonymous said...

I really must stop getting all sniffy over this...huge loving rabbitty hugs if you get to read this xo