Monday, 1 December 2008



november nearly over (late night posting!). not sorry to see the back of it, full as usual as it has been with it.

chewing grit as autumn colour morphs into flat white and all the bad times swing by just to say hello again. cleaning grit out of the bikes, the bath, the house and the clothes in an endless cycle of laundry, hoovering and scrubbing. picking grit out of my eyes at the end of every day. drowning out the soul-crushing sound of the bikes eroding into piles of gently squeaking scrap with it.

am i the only person on the planet who can't wait for january?


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Anonymous said...

Hey grit has feelings too you know - trapped in an endless cycle of disintegration and erosion with your best hope of seeing the world being a quick ride hitched on a passing bike or boot, it ain't easy... And in the end you find youself lodged in a washing machine filter or hosed down a handy drain. A bit of empathy wouldn't go amiss :-)