Tuesday, 2 December 2008

top ten winter survival tips

one - rice pudding. hot homemade with jam for supper, cold from the tin for hasty pre-ride breakfast, as a chaser to lunchtime's cheese on toast. yum.

two - bright rear lights. more than one. flashing is good but flashing and static is better.

three - fit mudguards. the washing machine (and the rider behind) will love you for it.

four - winter boots a size too big, thin wool socks and chemical toe warmers. icy feet begone.

five - ipod. good music makes the tedium that much more bearable. plus having something in your ears stops them aching with cold. mind the cars.

six - did i say fit mudguards?

seven - wool. not because it's snuggly and warm (which it is), or because it's super comfy (which it also is), but because it will save you having to run said washing machine every day for four months.

eight - pockets full of food, no matter how short the ride. sometimes you will need to bribe yourself to go more than a mile from the front door and at these times only chocolate will do.

nine - really. fit mudguards.

ten - if all else fails, run. who can resist an excuse to buy new shoes?


er, me.



sarah said...

I like the chocolate bribe one ;)

kate said...

can you take chocolate on runs ;)

Tom said...

I think you're right.I've tried to fight it for years, but I think I'm gonna have to fit mudguards.

Damn, drat and blast


adjustablecrumpet said...

be brave, do it. and get some of those nice shiny stainless steel ones to soften the blow :o)