Tuesday, 14 April 2009

all in the numbers

easter sunday

the plan: to route test July's happy hundred.

the ride: lovely. wall to wall sunshine, lambs and daffodils. first swifts of summer. rollercoaster road. bolton abbey easter bunny. dougie lampkin's dad. cadbury's creme eggs. peckett well (aka the only smooth road in west yorkshire) both ways. fishnchips. sun tan.

the numbers: 88 miles of riding. 11,364 feet of ascent.

hmm. some revision may be in order... :-$



Steve J Makin said...

July huh ?

I wonder ...

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare revise the fish n chips or more importantly Creme Eggs...MMMMmmm..creme eggs! :o)

Ginger Bunny