Friday, 12 June 2009

High noon.

Tour Divide starts tomorrow. Can't help but feel a little like I want to be there; it does get under your skin.

Time moves on.





carlhutch said...

Hey Jenn
Following those blue dots is reminding me of alot of trauma,never mind susan boyle,i might need the priory.

Got a bit of natter going on with some nice folk regards race but havent got a current email address for you.
send us a mail if you want in,we need a female perspective.

Hope you are healing


Anonymous said...

It's so tough not to obsess and watch every mile of it. It's fun to watch, though and when they complain about bears and rain and snow, I know I'm happy to be at home! :)

Matthew Lee said...

jenn, you were sorely missed out there this year, though the mud was the worst i've seen in 6 editions. there is a placing (to be filled) reserved for your name high up on the cumulative GC. help us make 2010 the year of divide women. tracy petervary is planning on it as are a couple others. lift us up! ML