Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tee Pee Day Three

Well, our intrepid adventurers should by now have completed day three of their Trans Portugal experience. Occasional text updates from Jac reveal that they had a tough time of it on days one and two. Chris's frame broke on day one but thankfully managed to source a new steed so is back in the running. Jac struggled with heatstroke on day one and like many other riders was forced to abandon the stage after 110km but, showing the mettle we expect, she still lined up for more on day two. How does climbing cobbles in temperatures of up to 40 degrees, wrong turns that lead to a "shimmy down a cliff" and a course described as "undulating" (uh-oh...) sound to you? Yes, you can stop moaning that the office doesn't have air conditioning now. Take a leaf out of the Supertravissia book and "endureça a foda acima"... or TTFU, to use the more common racer parlance. Well done Jac, keep it up. You are doing the jersey proud :-)

Updates available on Sleepmonsters for the rest of the week. I'm off for a needed holiday...



Martin said...

What does TTFU mean?

I know what MTFU and WTFU mean!

Unknown said...

toughen. far more effective than the other two stw'isms ;-)