Sunday, 19 June 2011

Close Encounter

OUCH. I have road rash, whiplash and a bashed helmet.

On my last long ride yesterday I came a cropper in the rain, with an unexpected car move (did he indicate and I just not see it? torrential rain certainly didn't help) and my high speed avoidance resulting in an abrupt close encounter with tarmac.

Obviously I am very glad that actually the above injuries are all that I do have. And the bike is fine too. So I shouldn't complain. But a sore neck and lots of ouchy bits of me is not what I was hoping for at this point in my marmotte preparation. Any MTB hardy souls who get these injuries on a regular basis have my utmost admiration. And do please send your handy hints for a speedy recovery.

PS no photos as it's bits of me that I'd really rather not share with the internet that are the best-shredded...


Small Adventures said...

Ouch!!! I'm GLAD it wasn't worse,my friend! Thoughts and prayer sfor a quick "feel better" headed your way. I had a mishap myself Saturday,but was in th eBlazer,not on a bike...maybe just something in the wind this weekend?

Livvy said...

Perhaps indeed there was something in the air. I hope you're ok too?

Thank you for the healing thoughts - much appreciated! I am feeling less ouchy (grazes are healing and bruises are colourful), though I am feeling very wimpy and haven't dared get back on the bike yet!

Small Adventures said...

YEs,I'm ok,there were only injuries to my pride,LOL! I was a bit nervous driving the Blazer for a couple days,but have gotten over it,have put over 150 miles on it since (and with the family inside it too). Then my son kicked the floor mad at his video game,I almost freaked,thought the wheel was coming off again,hahahahaha!

I'm glad you're healing well and feeling better. It just takes time :)


John said...

Have a speedy recovery. Keep grazes and cuts covered and moist. Vaseline or similar is very good.