Sunday, 6 November 2011

Jelly legs. Jelly sweets.

I've been broken the last little while. Marathon training led to some properly mangled leg muscles. Physio one said rest, nobody likes to hear that so a second opinion was sought. Physio two said...... rest! The marathon never got run.

Some of September and all of October was spent in a mire of self pity and biscuits. November sees the start of the steady job of getting back some fitness.

It was gloriously sunny today so I headed out on the bike. I accidentally picked the hilliest route possible. A Haribo stop was needed part way round. Home with another 20 miles in the bank. Jelly sweets had helped, but I got off the bike at the back door with jelly legs. And, a huge grin. A perfect ride.


simondbarnes said...

It was a lovely day for a ride, well done for getting out. I tried to avoid all of the hills, especially as I had no Haribo with me!
Sorry for not recognising you on the roundabout, I really am rubbish at spotting people when I am on a bike.

jac said...

Well done you!

I can sympathise on the enforced no ride head's left me off the bike for almost 4 weeks now! Argh!

Make the most of this lovely weather and just enjoy being back out there!