Sunday, 9 November 2008

Where's my Mojo? :(

I've been really unmotivated to ride for the last few weeks. I think it's got a lot to do with having spent a week in Italy with Rivierabike on top class, full-on mountain trails, then coming home and doing my first ever solo 24 race at the No Fuss Events, Relentless 24 at Fort William. The quality, technicality and downhilleriness of the riding in Italy has made all my local rides seem flat and lacklustre. At the race, I disappointed myself by not coping well with the psychology of 24 hour riding. I then came down with the flu and since recovering, have been feeling flat and wimping out on riding in the increasingly dank and dark evenings. What a wuss!!! *kicks self in shins*

I'm about to try and get Jojo's Mojo back by committing to ride with other people in the next few days and just get the legs turning again. It's that bit harder to wimp out if you've arranged to ride with a mate. There's a bit of a pressing need to get my head sorted and get back on form again as through the delirium of my influenza, I happened to be online at 12.00 noon on the 5th of November and managed to secure a solo spot in the Strathpuffer.... Wonder what climatic challenge it will throw at us this year? The inaugral year was ice cold with a short stretch of mud; 2007 was soaking wet, ice cold with miles of pad-eating-slurry and Jan 08 was sheet ice on the course and hurricane force wind that flattened the campsite. Surely we're due a dry warm one in January 09?....
Jojo x
(Inspiring Italy pic on 'Cop Killer' taken by Leon Topps)

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sarah said...

Amazing pic! I hope you feel better soon. It is hard after a flu to get active, I've been there too. I think your plans to ride with friends will help a lot.