Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Tour of the 'gorms

The washing machine is groaning away under the weight of four days dirty riding kit as I am just back from riding a tour of the Cairngorms with 5 friends. Expertly led and fed by Phil of Scottish Mountain Bike Guides. This is easily the best riding I have ever done, proper mountains to make you feel like a tiny rider in a big country. Simply stunning, with breath-taking views round every corner. With 120 miles in four days my legs have been nicely worked and scratched at by the heather, my nerves tested by singletrack with steep drop offs to lochs below, my feet dipped in icy rivers (some ridden through, some waded) and my face blasted by wind, rain and sun. 

I don't think words can do justice to the adventure, I'm not sure photos do either but there are some more here and here.



Shona & Rich said...

Those pics look remarkably similar to ours from last month. Big hills, huh?

jumbly said...

I think you're adventure was a bit tougher than mine though, we slept in bunkhouses and had a support van!

adjustablecrumpet said...

Ace! ToC was one of the few things I *had* planned to do this year. Looks fab :-)