Thursday, 19 November 2009

The High Life (in the High Peak)

How amazing is winter riding in the High Peak?

Staying with The Wife, The Husband and The Arthur for the weekend was already going to be a pleasure (think amazing food, an open fire, underfloor heating and a lot of banter) but when we set off for our Sunday ride, which had The Wife hopping up and down with excitement ("you'll love it, it's amazing, there's this bit with this drop and then this other bit with this rocky section and...") we had no idea how gorgeous the next 3 hours of our life would be.

I've ridden in the High Peak a few times. Admittedly mostly at night. But I'd never been here

or seen this

or seen The Boy ride so well before:

I tend to restrict my riding to trail centres in the winter. No longer. I'm moving North.



Unknown said...

Next time you come north, how about giving me a call, eh?! Although technically the Peak's south from here...

trio said...

The peak is midlands!

It's where I started riding though, so has a huge soft spot for me!

Unknown said...

I recognise the picture you have painted - could that be the Fishers by any chance?!