Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year New Focus

For a year there has been no 'training', no real racing, no tricky choices to be made over cake or abstinence. It's been heaven. I needed it, to counter the race-mad culture I had slipped into in 2007/8. Once it stopped being fun I gave myself a good talking to, dusted off the baggy shorts and stripey socks and got out for some serious kicks-n-giggles. A little bit fatter but a little bit wiser.

So how do I find myself in 2010 with an email from BADTri Team Captain congratulating me on my acceptance in to their Road Racing Team?

Is this the End As We Know It?

No. This is the start. They are a great bunch of girls who love 'hoofing it' on road. And with the fitness road racing will give me (believe me I need it) I will be able to hoof it on a mountain bike once again.

So, what of racing mountain bikes?

My mountain bikes are made for racing. I have three gorgeous bikes and am buying a new frame to pimp up my hard tail (big bouncy forks, bling wheels, shiney grey parts... you get the picture). But I don't want to race round in circles any more. I want to sharpen my elbows and race my boyfriend up and down Welsh mountains, race my own shadow round my local trails on those (will they ever arrive) long summers evenings and race the girls round the trail centres with the thrill of a cold bottle of beer egging us on faster and faster. Racing is FUN... bring on the speed!

So 2010 is going to be about going nice and fast and enjoying every second on my bike, no matter what size tyres it has.

But I draw the line at socks on the outside.

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trio said...

Interesting post. Be interesting to see how you find road racing.