Wednesday, 27 January 2010


A big ol' sorry to anyone that regularly posts, we had to activate the word recognition thing in the comments section because we were starting to get a lot of the weirdest spam. And frankly you don't want to wade through that stuff. OK, so the pretty panties link might have been an exception for any number of reasons, but that's what Google is for - go and find them if you must, Minx will have no part of it:-)

I have been the worst blogger of them all recently. Mainly because I've been struggling with injuries so there either hasn't been much riding or it's been confined to rehab pootles round the lanes. But I met up with Vikki (yes for the first time ever!) a couple of weeks ago and both made a pact to write more, even we aren't quite as hardcore as the rest of the Minx bloggers. (Although Vikki's reason for not riding so much at the moment is that she's training to run a marathon- so that would just be me that's not hardcore then.) But I figure there might be riders out there that will be reassured that it's not all racing, grrrrrr and freezing miles on a road bike, plus of course I make the other Minx girls look good....

I will try not to whine too much on the road back to fitness.



starfish264 said...

Suits me - I like hearing that you're all human and not some racing-terminator-style machines!! Besides, I make you look like the most hardcore of the gnarly people, so there's always someone worse than you out there! :O)

weeseaweed said...

starfish, i take you on! by the way, rad riding women, i gave your blog an award, so if you're short on bicycling to write about, someone could pass on that award... minx?