Monday, 1 February 2010

red white & blue

red white & blue

back in the USA.

working this time, in international falls, minnesota. they call their town "the icebox of the nation" with good reason. coldest place i've ever been and so dry the snot freezes in your nose before it gets a chance to run.

trying to avoid:

a) coming home with a fatback
b) planning too many long holidays (thus far discussions have covered the ultimate snow race roadtrip [arrowhead, susitna and iti all fall conveniently close to one another], ctr, td and raam).

tough ask.



Anonymous said...

Fatback? Ther're nasty..I would also try to avoid this one fell onto my 'back hips' and has settled in.... :o(

Enjoy those cinnamon buns...

Ginger rider

Jill Homer said...

Are you riding the Arrowhead? If so, welcome to the insanity!

Joel Austin said...

You may remember me as the idiot who rode too big of a gear at Arrowhead last year...and was there photographing this year.

Just wondering if you have any words of wisdom for some attempting his first 100 mile mtb race on a singlespeed.