Wednesday, 2 February 2011

it's all glamour.

fresh test bikes to ride always means one thing is certain: nasty, nasty weather. or, to be more accurate - nice(ish) weather that slowly leaks away whilst the hours get eaten up by emails and phonecalls until the nasty weather arrives right on cue.

this means i ride a lot in the rain, and i ride a lot in the dark. so i might as well like it.

the rain and the mud and riding home through town mostly black from head to toe feeling tired and warm. being up there with the wind howling through the trees, lights glowing across the valley, so wet you don't notice the rain anymore except for the drips on your eyelashes that catch on your cheekbones as they fall, watching tiny patches of blue sailing across the sky way up above the clouds, thinking about why the bike is doing what it does at the same time as wondering what there might be in the fridge for second supper later on...

except of course i love doing the same thing in sunshine and shorts and summertime. but that'll be here in due course. in the meantime - well, love the meantime.


1 comment:

jac said...

Summertime's on it's way now - honest!

It was almost still light when I rode home tonight...almost.