Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bad Karma

I think I've been suffering from some bad bike karma after selling the Jooly.

Firstly, the Spot's been getting mysterious flats...fine when I'm riding, but each time I take her out of the hut, hey presto, there's another flat.

Then, at Puffer Lite last weekend, just after I'd got over my usual dark thoughts, my brakes packed in, on a nice, fast little descent! (Quite sketchy but maybe secretly a little bit exhilarating!) And ended up having to pull out of the race because they couldn't be fixed.

So either it's some sort of bad voodoo from the Jooly for selling her, or the Spot's pining for the Jooly and giving me a hard time.

Bikes, eh!

Fingers crossed it doesn't last!



trio said...

Sounds like the bike is sulking to me.....give it some love!

Anonymous said...

What you need is a nice,shiny little Orange Diva.One that's only been ridden 4 times and has an extra special spec........ ;-)